EM Entrematic EMSW-EMO

EM Entrematic EMSW-EMO

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Silent and Suitable Everywhere

The EMSW EMO is one of the most silent operators in the market. It is an ideal solution for i.e. healthcare, residential, office & public service environments where both low-noise and ease of access are important. Its low-energy performance is compliant with DDA requirements. The operator functions reliably under varying conditions and climate changes.

World–class Safety

The EMSW EMO is a perfect choice for hospitals and assisted living facilities for the elderly or disabled. Its power-assist feature allows the door to be opened with only a slight push. The highly intelligent operator senses the presence of an obstruction during opening and stops or reverses direction. These features provide a high degree of safety at a very reasonable cost. If optionally equipped with external safety sensors, the EMSW EMO operator monitors the sensors every time it opens or closes the door. If the sensors are not functioning properly, the automation is deactivated and the door will function as a manual swing door with a door closer. 

Intelligent locking technology

Want to use an electronic lock? There are several intelligent functions that ensure that the EMO senses if the door is fully closed and properly locked. When it detects that the door has not completely closed, the EMSW EMO will prompt the door to open again and close fully. The operator also features intelligent double-door functionality for use with rebated (overlapping) swing doors and will always close the doors in the right order so that they are fully closed, latched and can be locked.

Cost Efficiency

The EMSW EMO’s motor is equipped with an electronic door brake that controls the door’s speed when it is unexpectedly blown or forcefully pushed toward the open or closed position. This unique feature reduces the wear and 
tear, limiting breakdowns. The modern motor control in the EMSW EMO minimizes the energy consumption so that the power required to open a 90 kg door is even lower than to light a 25W lamp!

Back-Up when Power Failure

In the event of a power failure, the operator can be activated by battery power via a key impulse that opens the door once, then closes and locks it before switching off. This unique technology ensures that the entrance is accessible independent of power.

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