EDSL450 Control Pack

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EDSL450 Control Pack

EDSL450 Control Pack now available!

EDSL450 Control Pack

The Entrance Dynamics EDSL450 control board has become increasingly popular, not only used in a complete retrofit kit, but also as a "Control Pack". When an existing control board needs replacement, simply install our EDSL450 control board, program selector and power supply, and leave the motor, transmission of gearbox, belt assembly, etc in place.

Most automatic sliding doors use a 24V or 40V DC motor, with an optical encoder. Our control board can control almost any exitsing motor with an optical encoder between 100 and 500 pulses. Since non of the mechical components are impacted, the upgrade can be done very quickly, and without any headaches!

Some of the products that we have converted with our EDSL450 Control Pack:
  • GEZE Slimdrive SL
  • Besam UniSlide / EM Entrematic EMSL
  • Dorma ES200 / CS100
  • Record STA16 / STA17 / STA20
  • GU CompactMaster / EconoMaster
  • Kone UWS / Unidrive
  • Gilgen SLM / SLX

Why pay outraguous amounts for the Original board, when a better, more sophisticated and most of all more cost effective solution is available?


  1. Robert Blaha Robert Blaha

    congrats to this replacement kit ! This kit covers a wide range of competitor products in field. Huge business opportunities for your customers.....

  2. Tony Tony

    Hi could you possibly send me a price for a single door retrofit kit complete with failsafe lock/locking MGB?
    Also a price for spares for this equipment for future repairs.

    Thanks in advance

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