EDSL450 Sliding Door Operator

EDSL450 Sliding Door Operator

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The universal sliding door operator, that meets the most stringent norms and demands 

The Entrance Dynamics EDSL450 sliding door operator meets all today's requirements in terms of reliability, universal application, easy operation and low maintenance. The high-quality state-of-the-art electronics combined with the robust drive make it an discreet and quiet unit.

This operator is suitable for any sliding door application. The powerful drive can even open very heavy door panels and be used in escape routes in all European countries.

The EDSL-CU-450 Control Board

The EDSL-CU-450 controller is equipped with three microprocessors: a main processor, a backup processor, and a "watchdog" processor which constantly monitors all safety functions in both the door drive and the connected sensors, and guarantees optimum safety. The Entrance Dynamics EDSL450 is certified to the strictest standards in Europe. It can even be used in escape routes according to DIN18650 and EN16005 standard. The EDSL-CU-450 is the first sliding door control system which is able to control all types of monitored sensors, regardless of the communication protocol.

All this makes the EDSL-CU-450, the most advanced sliding door control system in the world.

The Entrance Dynamics EDSL450 Sliding Door Operator offers:

  • One solutions for all sliding doors
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Monitored battery backup
  • Built-in cycle counter
  • Easy to connect any external accessory

Important Characteristics:

  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install, commission and use
  • Universal
  • Reliable
  • Modern design

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