CX-33 Advanced Logic Relay

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Camden's CX-33 is a 'state of the art' logic relay designed to support virtually any automatic door application. The CX-33 features 13 operating modes, with sub-modes, and easy programming with large LCD display and push button selection.

Applications: One advanced relay for nearly every automatic door control application; including; up to 3 door sequencing, airlocks, lock-out-relay, fire door in stairwells, and for control of automatic operators in restroom applications, with support of illuminated indicator of occupany status.

• Ideal for most automatic door applications, as well as Air Lock and other security applications.
• 13 operating modes, with sub-modes. Selection and configuration with 3 push buttons
• Easily sequence multiple inputs with multiple maintain and hold outputs.
• Large 3 segment (blue) LED display
• Selectable time delays, with delay on input activation
• 'Tried and true' power circuitry ensures outstanding power filtering and surge protection.
• Larger terminal strips allow larger wire gauge, or more conductors to be connected.
• Clear plastic case provides better protection of circuit board and easy mounting.
• 12/24V AC/DC
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